Being a Philadelphia Landlord  is not easy; if your investment property is located in Center City Philadelphia  we can help. If you have one house or multiple investment properties our team of dedicated, experienced Property Management professionals is equipped to handle any type of property ( residential single family, residential multi family, mixed use , parking garages, etc)

The fee structure for services our company offers is like no other in the industry; our charges are affordable and often can net you the same or even more than you are currently making with a lot less effort on your part. We work hard to increase rents, save on repairs, use vigorous collection efforts on slow paying tenants, billing destructive tenant when they do damage to your property. We pay attention to routine maintenance issues so they do not become costly repairs down the road. Our company was the first in Philadelphia to require tenants who have separate heaters purchase a PGW parts and labor plan saving our owners thousands of dollars in costly heater repairs. We insure that tenants get prompt repair services at the lowest prices to you. We will work hard to retain good tenants, limit costly vacancies, unit turnovers and expensive repairs.

Each and every owner who works with our office is treated like they are our only customer so each management contract is individually tailored to provide you with the best service available.

Landlord Tenant laws are relatively easy to follow in Pennsylvania. Most Landlord Tenant laws are State laws and in most cases are very Landlord friendly. In direct contrast the City of Philadelphia interrupts the Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant laws very much in  favor of the tenant complicating the eviction process requiring unnecessary documentation to evict a tenant that are not required by the State laws. City of Philadelphia also has passed and continues to attempt to pass burdensome ordinances that flat out contradict Pennsylvania Landlord tenant law. These types of actions from our city often cause long delays and are very frustrating. A savvy tenant can use the system remaining indefinitely in your building not paying rent and destroying your property.

Our company has extensive experience with type of situation and often will receive an account that has been poorly managed or a tenant who has taken advantage of the system or the owner. Our approach is simple we works closely with legal experts, city officials, Licenses and Inspections, Fair Housing and Landlord Tenant court.

The Broker of Record Richard Moore is a Real Estate Investor. He is a member of the National Association of Realtors, The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, The Philadelphia Board of Realtors, The Home Owners of Philadelphia and the Council of Property Owners (HAPCO) as well as the Pennsylvania Owners Residential Association (PROA) serving many years on the Board of Directors of both organizations.